Life in New-York – Fifth part

Life in New-York - Fifth part  dans Photographies du monde d'autrefois

ca. 1941, New York, New York, USA — Schoolboy Drinking Milk


 dans Photographies du monde d'autrefois

ca. 1935, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA — Two unidentified people sitting under an umbrella on the boardwalk, at Coney Island, in Brooklyn, New York City.


Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — Mohawk Men Building a Skyscraper



New York, New York, USA — Changing his original plans of not leaving the Belgenland, until the liner arrived in California, where he will spend the winter months, continuing his renewed renovations of modern science, Professor Albert Einstein, Left the vessil when it docked in New York, for a four day stay. he is shown above on arrival.


 21 Mar 1956, New York, New York, USA — 3/21/1956-New York, NY: Mockup of tomorrrow’s jet comfort: Gracing the luxurious mockup of the Boeing Jet Stratoliner, which will enter service with airlines of the world in 1959, are a group of airline stewardesses. The half-million dollar mockup is the first such jet transport interior to be completed in America and was unveiled on the eigth floor of a Manhattan building. It seats 98 passengers, has airconditioning, lighting system, running water, ovens, and refrigerators. Each seat has individual air inlets, reading lights, stewardess call butons and emergency outlets for each passenger.


08 Jun 1956, Queens, New York, USA — It’s bottoms up as an inquisitive toddler investigates the interesting manner in which the cans of soup are stored on the modern supermarket shelves. Mama came along in a minute and restored order to the upset cans and confined the baby to her grocery cart.


15 Feb 1959, Bronx, New York, New York, USA — Elementary school division’s 4th annual cheerleading contest. Fordham University’s gymnasium, Bronx. Cheerleaders from St. Jude parish C.Y.O. of Manhattan, are shown dressed as Indians displaying their champion form routine which resulted in the winning of cheerleading contest among the elementary school division. The other tow divisions are: parish teenage division and Catholic girl high school division. The girls from St. Jude’s parish C.Y.O. are mostly 6th, 7th, & 8th graders.. All of them don’t attend St. Jude’s parochial school, but come fro all parts of New York.


24 Feb 1955, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — Looking for a Showcase Mannequin????? Manhattan, New York, New York: The « innards » of one of the New York’s famous landmarks will go under the gavel the week of March 7-16 when all furnishings and miscellaneous articles, including these showcase dummies, remaining in the John Wanamaker store on Eighth Street are sold at auction. Auctioneer O. Rundle Gilbert is shown looking over some of the 150 mannequins which will be auctioned off.


09 Aug 1932, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — Workmen walking along the newly placed RCA Building.


1929-1931, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — Empire State Building Under Construction


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  1. lucaerne 6 septembre

    Tsss… Même à NY il n’a pas trouvé de coiffeur Bébert ?

    Et l’autre qui compte consciencieusement ses « employées »… Grand moment !

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